Michigan House Approves Increasing Unemployment Benefits to 26 Weeks


Michigan House Approves Increasing Unemployment Benefits to 26 Weeks

LANSING, MI – In a significant move to support Michigan’s workforce, the Michigan House of Representatives has approved legislation to increase unemployment benefits from 20 to 26 weeks. This marks the beginning of comprehensive reforms aimed at enhancing the state’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) system.

“LIUNA members, like many other Michiganders, know that Michigan’s UIA system is in desperate need of reform. The system needs access improvements, increased operational funding, and the weekly benefit amount must be increased,” stated Robert Joerg, Director of Government Affairs, LIUNA. “House Democrats began this important reform work this week by passing legislation to restore the six weeks in benefits that former Governor Snyder’s administration wrongly took away from hard working Michiganders. LIUNA members know that this important legislation is the beginning of a comprehensive package to ensure that our UIA system can properly support hard working Michiganders.”

In addition to restoring the 6 weeks of benefit eligibility, LIUNA is expecting the legislature to act on the following additional reforms:

  1. Enhance Benefit Amounts: Work towards increasing the weekly benefit amounts to better support Michigan’s workforce during times of unemployment.
  2. Improve Access: Streamline the UIA system to ensure that all eligible Michiganders can easily access the benefits they need.
  3. Increase Funding: Allocate increased operational funding to the UIA, ensuring it has the necessary resources to efficiently manage and disburse unemployment benefits.

This legislative victory is a crucial step towards building a more robust and responsive unemployment insurance system in Michigan. The House Democrats, alongside labor organizations like LIUNA, are committed to continuing these reforms to protect and support hardworking Michiganders.

For more information, please contact: Robert Joerg, Director of Government Affairs


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