Finding Common Ground in the Line 5 Debate

Line 5 provides essential energy to Michiganders all across the state, not just “up north” as many people think. Line 5 means heat for our homes and businesses and also jobs for our workers. That’s why Line 5 and the Great Lakes Tunnel project continue to be backed by both business and labor.

LIUNA Local 1329 Business Manager, Geno Alessandrini Jr., authored a letter to the editor in the Iron Mountain Daily News. The letter focused on finding common ground between labor and environmentalists by building the Great Lakes Tunnel. In the letter, it talks about crucial jobs that Line 5 provides and how we can boost our economy, protect the environment, and create good-paying union jobs by building the proposed tunnel.

Read the full letter to the editor in the Iron Mountain Daily News here.

Labor and Business agree. Republicans and Democrats agree. Support Line 5 and build the Great Lakes Tunnel!