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Everyday thousands of workers show up to build Michigan.

They have chosen the career path that best suits them - fun work, guaranteed hourly wage, incredible healthcare, and retirement.

Chris Taylor

Marketing Representative

(M) (989) 397-7877

My name is Chris Taylor. I have been a Laborer for 15 years. I have been married to Michelle for 22 years, and I have two kids, Shelby, 22, and Derek, 19. I started in the Laborers doing heating and cooling installation and service. After six years, I became Marketing Rep. I was elected in my local Union as an Auditor in 2012.

After four years as Auditor, I ran for Sergeant at Arms and continue in this role today. Before entering the Laborers Union, I worked doing heating and cooling non-Union and always struggled to make ends meet. After signing up, I became financially stable and provided some of the best healthcare for my family. I now have security, knowing that I can retire with a great pension when I am ready. I also enjoy that my Union participates in community events, and I can volunteer to help my community.


In Chris' Own Words

Chris Taylor shares his reasons why joining the Union is a smart decision.