Below you will find the Michigan Laborers Local 355 2020 Endorsements. If you would like to check your voter registration, lookup your polling place, or find a Absentee Ballot Drop Box go to

Laborers Local 355 Voting Slate 2020


  • President/Vice President

    Joe Biden/Kamala Harris


    Gary Peters


    Bridget Mary McCormack
    Elizabeth Welch


    District 2: No Endorsement
    District 3: Hillary Scholten
    District 6: Fred Upton


    District 58: No Endorsement

    District 59: No Endorsement

    District 60: Julie Rodgers

    District 61: No Endorsement

    District 62: Jim Haadsma

    District 63: Matt Hall

    District 66: Beth Griffin

    District 70: No Endorsement

    District 72: No Endorsement

    District 73: No Endorsement

    District 74: No Endorsement

    District 75: David LaGrand

    District 76: No Endorsement

    District 77: No Endorsement

    District 78: No Endorsement

    District 79: Pauline Wendzel

    District 80: No Endorsement

    District 86: No Endorsement

    District 87: No Endorsement

    District 88: No Endorsement

    District 89: No Endorsement

    District 90: Bradley Slagh

    District 91: No Endorsement

    District 92: Terry Sabo

    District 100: Scott VanSingel

    District 101: Jack O'Malley

    District 102: No Endorsement


    Countywide: Prosecutor: Christopher B. Vreeland Clerk: Andy Helmboldt

    District 2: County Commissioner: Rochelle Hatcher

    District 3: County Commissioner: Jake W. Smith

    District 4: County Commissioner: Steve Frisbie

    District 5: County Commissioner: Derek King

    District 6: County Commissioner: Tommy Miller

    District 7: County Commissioner: Gary Tompkins

    Kellogg Community College Board of Trustees: Jonathan Byrd & Carla Reynolds

    Citywide: Albion Mayor: Joedy Brown

    Citywide: Battle Creek Mayor: Lynn Ward Gray

    Citywide: Battle Creek Citywide Commissioner:
    Katie Faris, Carla C. Reynolds, Derek Freeman, Sheri Sofia

    Ward 1: Battle Creek Citywide Commissioner: Kristin Blood

    Ward 2: Battle Creek Citywide Commissioner: Aysia Rucker

    Ward 3: Battle Creek Citywide Commissioner: Boonikka Herring

    Ward 4: Battle Creek Citywide Commissioner: Kathy Szenda Wilson

    Ward 5: Battle Creek Citywide Commissioner: Dana Canales-Jamierson

    Citywide: Springfield Citywide Commissioner: Amy N. Evans

    Battle Creek Public Schools: School Board: Nathan Grajek, Charlie Fulbright

    Harper Creek Public Schools: School Board: Tim Martin

    Lakeview School Board: School Board: Alisha Coulson-Walters


    Countywide: Clerk & Register of Deeds: Meredith Place

    Countywide: Drain Commissioner: Jason Weirsma

    Countywide: Sheriff: Rick Fuller

    Countywide: Prosecutor: Jeff Getting

    District 2: County Commissioner: Zac Bauer

    District 3: County Commissioner: Tracy Hall

    District 6: County Commissioner: Jen Aniano

    District 7: County Commissioner: Anthony Bates

    District 10: County Commissioner: Mike Quinn

    Oshtemo Township: Supervisor: Libby Heiny

    Oshtemo Township: Clerk: Dusty Farmer-Cogswell

    Oshtemo Township: Trustees: Zak Ford, Cheri Bell, Kizzy Bradford, Kristen Cole

    Comstock Public Schools: School Board: Kayleen O'Donnell


    Countywide: Sheriff: Mark Lillywhite

    Countywide: Treasurer: Tammy Rigby

    District 1: County Commissioner: Andrew George

    District 2: County Commissioner: Kathy Greaves


    District 1: County Commissioner: Gail Patterson-Gladney

    District 3: County Commissioner: John Wagner

    District 5: County Commissioner: Ed Hellewege

    District 7: County Commissioner: Dave Goldenberg

    Covert Township: Treasurer: Barbara J. Rose

    Covert Township: Trustee: Lonzey Taylor


    Countywide: Sheriff: Michael Poulin Prosecutor: D.J. Hilson

    District 2: County Commissioner: Marcia Hovey-Wright

    District 4: County Commissioner: Mary Valentine

    District 5: County Commissioner: Ashley Podein

    District 6: County Commissioner: Charles Nash

    District 7: County Commissioner: Kimon Kotos

    District 8: County Commissioner: Kenneth Mahoney


    District 3: County Commissioner: Doug Zylstra


    Countywide: Treasurer: Beth White

    Countywide: Drain Commissioner: Elaine Isely

    District 1: County Commissioner: Deb Havens

    District 2: County Commissioner: Jerry Berta

    District 3: County Commissioner: G. Scott Schuiling

    District 4: County Commissioner: Kari Smith

    District 5: County Commissioner: Neville Mark

    District 6: County Commissioner: Danielle M. Storey

    District 7: County Commissioner: Jane Newton

    District 8: County Commissioner: Sarah Chatterley

    District 9: County Commissioner: Keith Courtade

    District 10: Countv Commissioner: Robert Sames

    District 11: County Commissioner: Justin Sheldon

    District 12: County Commissioner: Monica Sparks

    District 13: County Commissioner: Michelle McCloud

    District 14: County Commissioner: Carol M. Hennessy

    District 15: County Commissioner: Melissa LaGrand

    District 16: County Commissioner: David Bulkowski

    District 17: County Commissioner: Robert Womack

    District 18: County Commissioner: Stephen Wooden

    District 19: County Commissioner: Phil Skaggs


    District 2: County Commissioner: Allan O'Shea

    District 3: County Commissioner: Gene Lagerquist

    District 4: County Commissioner: Rolf Wucherer

    District 6: County Commissioner: Karen Goodman

    District 7: County Commissioner: Margaret Batzer