Ray McGee

Marketing Representative

(M) (269) 870-5006

Raymond McGee has been a union laborer since September 1999. He’s worked in the nuclear industry for 24 years, 11 as a union laborer. Ray has worked in 17 nuclear plants across this country doing Steam Generator change-outs and Refueling Outages. He has also worked as a Deconner and Inspector. Ray has worked on the Pipeline for seven years, the last five years as a Union Steward. He now works as an Organizer for GROC and has held this position for six years.

The Union has allowed Ray to travel all over the country. He’s seen a lot of great places and met many great people - all while earning a great living, receiving excellent benefits, and building a nice pension for retirement.

”Being a Union Laborer has genuinely been a blessing,” Ray says. “I couldn’t have picked a better career choice.”


In Ray's Own Words

Ray McGee shares his reasons why joining the Union changed his life.

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