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Everyday thousands of workers show up to build Michigan.

They have chosen the career path that best suits them - fun work, guaranteed hourly wage, incredible healthcare, and retirement.

Mark Pulice

Marketing Representative

(M) (586) 604-8030

I Joined LiUNA in 2020. As a new member, I have worked as an organizer reaching out to both workers and owners, promoting the advantages of partnering with LiUNA. Since I have joined, I have enjoyed the benefits of a negotiated contract on my behalf, including fantastic health care, a defined pension that is second to none, and peace of mind knowing my Union has my back. Before I was a member, I worked different jobs, including manufacturing and construction, always wondering why the Union crews just seemed happier. Now I understand and am proud and honored to offer the same opportunity to others.


In Mark's Own Words

Mark Pulice shares his reasons why joining the Union is a smart decision.